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Sambil Employment - Job Openings

The inauguration of Sambil Santo Domingo (October 30, 2012) is expected to in time bring more than 10,000 new jobs into the Santo Domingo area. Once the mall has filled all it's store locations it is expected that about 4,000 people will find employment with in the mall with about 6,000 new jobs being created as an indirect result of the mall.

Of the future 350 stores that will be housed by the mall about 200 have already commited to Sambils. Job applicants should find plenty of stores looking to hire experienced workers for the food centers, stores, theaters and mall services.

Foreign Brand Stores

Some of the larger stores that Sambils is hoping to attract include Victoria Secret and Aldo. With the rumors of Starbucks Coffee signing onto the Agora Mall it is hoped that some of the brands that have not previously opened stores in the Dominican Republic will open a store in Santo Domingo. Along with the new brands will be many of the American food brands like McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, ánd Baskin Robbins.

Other American brands that have commited to Sambil includes Adidas, GNC, KB Stores, U.S. Polo, Swatch, University Campus and Sony.

Hotel Jobs

Along with the standard mall jobs there will also be jobs opening up for the hotel that is part of the mall complex. This hotel is designed to attract traveling professionals and corporations with luxury rooms, conference rooms and other amenities. This will open up jobs for people able to speak one of more of the foriegn languages that are commonly spoken lie English, Japanese, Russian, French, and Italian. This will provide many jobs that can usually only be found in the larger tourist areas and resorts.

Bank Jobs

There will also be job openings in the banking industry with several banks opening new branches in the Sambils mall. Some of those that have already commited include Banco Leon, Banesco, Scotia Bank, and Santa Cruz Bank.


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